The organisation Butterfly was founded in September 2006 and aims at giving life-support to refugees.

This life-support includes all needs of refugees, they tell us about and we the organisation try to fulfill these, as much as possible. Their needs are mostly based on the fact, that they have to live a life besides the society. Their complain is mostly that, they are tired of doing nothing. They also mention having mental problems due to boredom. Because of the loss selfconfidence, their respect of themselves and of others is minimized.


We accept everybody as an individual human being and care for each of them in an individual way. We try now as much as possible to give them days of  engagement, sense of life as much as possible. So we can prevent mental problems, which are already existing or for future. We plan activities together and projects, which will give them chance to do something, which is rich in meaning for them. We support them in all activities that they can do.

Because it is forbidden for them to work officially, we want to care for  a different economy. Which is handworks, what only the people, who came here to stay can do. These can be hair dressing and barbing, sewing stitch of  typical clothes dressed in their home countries, ornaments like chains and bracelets. I also think of carving like sculptures and masks or furniture. Also they can advice each other, one to the other in professions, like repairing or restaurating something. So they can work in refugee houses or in private homes of refugee. I will also look for goods to be repaired and later selling it at a flew market, only for low prices. Very interesting for them is, to be aware of computer repairing or installing it. 

We support in sports and artist acivities like music, dancing and theater rehearsals and performances. In sport we start with an african football league in May  2007. For this league we will play with ten teams, three of them will consist of refugees, so they have a chance to play in the public. But there is also request of basketball and table tennis, so I decided to create a team butterly in basketball as well as in tabletennis. We want to do performances of music, dancing and maybe theater in future as soon we are so far.

I myself have a long time now contacts to refugees. I go to their houses and organize meetings, during these ones I hear a lot of their needs and personal problems. What make me think to organize an event in June this year. We had a great day with football tournament, tabletennis and band contest. At least 20 teams came for the football tournament and at the end of the day we celebrate a party together with music, everybody was enjoying. The ORF showed a report about it in "Wien Heute"! But I realized that one day  is not enough therefore I decided to create  this my organisation butterfly.

Another aspect is the suffering of refugees, which is caused in the everyday fear of deportation prison or negativ decision according to their asyl application. They live in fear every moment of their life and have even no chance in case they get positive stay. Because that means they loose the support as an  refugee, 
And have only little or no chance to create their excistence, which means working or being integrated in the social life.

I also want to inform the public, that refugees are human beings, which are suffering too much and they gain respect and acknowledgment as humans. I want to turn the negative image, about them  to a positive one. As much people as possible should and will be informed about the real situation refugees are facing through me and the activities of butterfly. And also there will be possibility to get to know them, so everybody can decide if he is for them and want to accept them as humans, who came here to live. Because it is not the only reason to leave a country because of war, there are many other ones, which is different for everybody, to make it impossible for somebody to stay in the homecountry.

I am looking for people, who want to be a member of my organisation and they are ready to be one of us. I also fixed the date of the next refugee event on the 30th of june, untill this day we should be ready to present the organisation and show the public, that we are doing something seriously and are motivated to change the life, what the refugees are living now to a better one. The one they are longing for and gain it.

I can only beg and ask You to support my organisation as much as it is possible for you. The support can be everything, depending on your decision, what you want to do for refugees to make their everyday life to a better one. I need, what you can give us material things, money, goods or your support personal with advice and working with us. I am convinced of, it is the responsibility of humans to care for the ones who need it. I hope for your consigning and I am looking forward your answering and reply to me.

The Team:

Ursula Dumnoi (Omoregie)

Frank Dumnoi
Stv. Obmann

  Charles Osezua
Frank Dumnoi
Event Manager
1 Frank Dumnoi