Samstag, 4. Juli 2009
von 9.00 bis 22.00

1150 Wien


Das Motto




African football is already known somehow in the public, and from the ones, who were watching it is respected as great  sports and with honour. Therefore the organsiation butterfly decided to join football teams in an african football league, with the participation of excisting teams and new ones, also with teams of refugees.

Also the communication should be worked out aswell as for the african countries and the population living in vienna, fears of closenees should be minimated. And the hided talents in football should get chance to be known and playing football in the public.

Also it should be illustrated that Africa is not one land, an african is not from one land, but from different countries. Refugees will join the teams, which are playing as a team before and they can be active in training and playing games during the league. Also refugees will form their own teams and participate as one team!

The following teams will participate:

Ghana, Tunesia, Algeria, Congo, Togo, Black Pearls, Grenzenlos,  and Butterfly

The meetings  taking place in the past were visited from representíng persons of each team and we all voted the managing team, which is composed from one chairlady, two representatives, two secretaries and one person responsible for the financy issue.

We composed the rules according to the ones of a championship, changed it to our needs and decided these ones for valid for the african league. Each player of a team gets a player legitimation with the logo and stamp  of the organisation butterfly. Each team has to name 16 players every match. The persons for the managing team to contact are the coach, the trainer and the players representative. The managing team is also responsible for holding the list of the players, who participate the training and belong to the different teams.

The training shall be posssible  in march 2007 for the teams, the league will start in may and will last till june 2007. Questions for trainnig and playing places were done  and answered positive:
ASKÖ Brigittenau, ASKOE 15th district and at the football field in the Prater 2nd district and in Mauer.  

Afrika Net  will report about the league and contacts are already done for other medial reports. So the people will be informed. Also flyers and website will be done.

The final play will be at the refugee event on the 4th of juli and we excpect a lot of visitors and interest and show african football for everybody.